Does the Spinal Health Center accept Insurance?

You bet! We are in network and are preferred providers with most major insurance companies. Please keep in mind there are thousands of insurance plans out there, but we will verify you benefits and let you know how we can best help you!


Do you accept Medicare?

Yes! We love our Medicare patients. Most Medicare plans have excellent coverage for our services. Like any insurance, we will research your benefits and customize a plan that works best for you.


Do you accept Medicaid patients?

Missouri doesn’t currently cover chiropractic care. However, Medicaid legislation that would cover chiropractic services is currently under consideration in the Missouri legislature. SO, until then we will try to make our care as affordable as possible.


Do you treat Tricare patients?

We do! However, Tricare doesn’t currently cover chiropractic services. BUT, Dr. Campbell is a preferred provider for the Veterans Administration’s TriWest network. TriWest can refer patients who can’t get into the VA Hospital for various reasons to us. Also, Dr. Campbell is very passionate about our nations veterans. He has personally lobbied congress to improve healthcare for all who serve our nation and has treated hundreds of veterans in the past.


What if I do not have insurance? Is care affordable? Do you offer payment plan options?

Absolutely! What Dr. Campbell tells his patients is that it’s his job to tell you the care that you need, your job as the patient is to tell us what you can do, and it’s our staffs job to make it all work. We have plans that make care affordable, even for patients with less than ideal insurance or high deductibles.


Can I fill out the paperwork online or do I need to do that at the office?

You can do most of your paperwork before you even come to the office! Click here for forms.

Anytime you fill out paperwork for a doctor, it can seem like a lot.  However, you and the doctor will thoroughly discuss everything in your office visit even if you aren’t able to answer everything. Just do the best you can and we will help with the rest.


Do you offer free patient consultations?

YES! We do offer a free new patient consultation. With a consultation, our doctor will answer any questions you might have regarding the types of care we provide and how we can best help you. It is very important that our patients understand that a consultation does not include free treatment.


How long does a usual office visit take?

Our office and patient flow is designed to be highly efficient. We value our patients time and we do everything we can to give them the care they deserve and keep their time spent in the office to a minimum. That being said, the initial patient visit where we do a detailed exam, history and x-rays and the follow-up visit where we detail your care, will be longer than your normal visit. Expect the first visit and second visit to be about 45-minutes (less if you fill out your paperwork ahead of time) and follow-up visits about 20-30 minutes)